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  • Have you ever imagined, that how the tech you use in your day-to-day life works?

  • As a kid or a student have you ever wondered, what goes on inside most gadgets that make them work?

  • Suppose, you are a student trying to get some information on some topic of yours that is technology related but, none of the information online is satisfying, exact, or complete.

If your answer to above questions are “yes”, then my friend you are in the right place.

what’s in the name?

psych that tech means to analyze that technology of yours, you are curious to know about. And we will try our best to give you the best information that will help you to psych that tech.

why psych that

being an engineering grad myself, I know the feeling of frustration we get, when we are doing some work based on a topic and none of the information we’d collected is satisfying or complete. And if you want a site that gives the most relevant, satisfying complete information about tech and electronics kinds of stuff and gadgets, then here you are. 

 how psych that tech came into existence?

As I asked you in the above section, my answer was “yes” to those questions, the same thing happened with me when I was preparing for my end semester examination, and believe me books don’t give us most satisfying information each and every time. Then after books, I searched google but, again I got disappointed.

Because when I used to visit different links for the quest to collect relevant information, each link gave me some different information every time, leaving me either confused or unsatisfied.

So, in this way, I came up with an idea to develop a blog, that not even provides people with relevant information, but also helps them to learn about recent trends in electronics and technology.

 call to action 

If you are reading this, it means u came here with hope and also some curiosity to psych some tech of yours or to get some information. Then go ahead it’s all for you only.

and if you are just a newbie in this field, And want to learn electronics then, go to “basic electronics” section in categories and quench your thirst of curiosity.

And if you are facing any problem or want to get information on some topic of yours that is not uploaded yet, feel free to ask for that in the comment section and subscribe to our blog too! for updates.


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